Avery & Kevin 02.23.19

Avery and Kevin Pacheco exchanged their Vegas wedding vows on 02.23.19. They choose Vegas so their families could experience having fun in Vegas but also being there to help celebrate this beautiful union.  Traveling from Albuquerque, New Mexico, with even more family from all over New Mexico, brought everyone together in a new state and city!  The group of an amazing 40 people stayed their 7 days at Excalibur.  They held the nuptials at the Chapel of the Flowers, with Avery’s cousin Adelina and Kevin’s brother Daniel standing up for this happy couple.  Avery shared that “The day was beautiful and special, I always wanted to feel like a princess on my wedding day and I sure did feel like that.”  Her favorite part of the day was sealing their new life together by kissing her new husband and “walking away with him down the aisle.”  If Avery could change anything about her wedding week she would’ve slowed down the process because it was so rushed and on a schedule. The couple was engaged for almost 5 years before they tied the knot in her favorite place Las Vegas. Besides all the family and friends who traveled to Vegas, even more, were sharing the experience by watching from home! “It was a special day and it was my birthday weekend as well. It all was special and meant a lot to me and my husband!”  YAY for Avery and Kevin and welcome to Las Married.

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