Amy & Matt 12.12.09

Amy and I eloped on 12-12-09. I flew in on a Friday night from Edmonton and Amy arrived an hour later from Detroit. We originally met 15 years ago in the Bahamas but didn’t reconnect until September of 2009, thanks FACEBOOK. From the airport, we jumped in a limo driven by the world’s self-proclaimed greatest limo driver/bartender/photographer John and he drove us down to the Clark County Marriage License Bureau where we picked up our license that we arranged for earlier in the week. He then dropped us off at MGM Grand Las Vegas where we spent the next 4 days. John came back the next day to pick us the next day at 1:00pm to take us down to our wedding venue The STRAT Las Vegas. We chose the Stratosphere because it seemed the most fun place to be married, on the 107th floor with access to the outside on the 108th floor. We met our officiant and he was super interesting including missing a few teeth which made me think this wasn’t that serious. We went to the Chapel in the Clouds and it began, the wedding and my nervousness. He turned very conscientious and asked us if we have thoroughly considered the ramifications of the step we were about to embark on. “Kind of” was my internal response and that seemed to suffice. We were married, the photographer was our witness as it was only the two of us. We managed to keep almost every out of the loop. We then got back in the limo and John took us for a drive ( I made a John Mellencamp Wedding Party CD) and he took us out to Red Rock. Not sure if you remember John told us he was a professional photographer, but when he took our photos he forgot to include our feet. We then went to Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas, which was one of the only places we could find that had live music near our hotel. They randomly sat us at a table of 12 and we had our wedding reception. People were asking us about the day and buying us drinks and sharing in the bar wench spanking our rear-ends with the shooter board. We were supposed to hit KAA at MGM but that didn’t happen after our busy day. It was an early night for us but we did wake up around 3:00 AM and went back out on the town. Vegas is awesome! Sunday we went back to the north end of the strip to pick up our photos and spend some time and money gambling at that end of the strip. I think if we could do it again we would have upgraded our photo and video package, however, it was still such a wonderful and special day for the two of us.

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