Velvet and Gary 10.15.2015

Velvet and Gary shared their wedding vows in Las Vegas on 10.25.2015.  They decided they wanted to do something different and fun and boy did they.  They came to Vegas and spent five days living it up at the D on Freemont Street with 20 of their closest family members and friends.  They started the festivities by holding a Jack & Jill Bachelorette/Bachelor Scavenger Hunt down Fremont Street, Gary had his tasks he had to do and Velvet had hers.  At the end of the hunt, 16 of the wedding group Ziplined on Slotszilla – a night they will soon not  forget.  On the big day, they drove separately to the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign.  Velvet stayed back so Gary couldn’t see her.  There were a ton of people waiting to take pictures in front of the sign and right as it was their turn, two busses pulled up filled with people.  As Velvet was being walked down the aisle by her Uncle Kenny, the crowd parted and she walked up to her groom.  The minister announced them husband and wife and the giant crowd gleefully cheered their commitment.  Wedding Wagon was hired to help with the event, they came to the Vegas sign with the  minister, the photographer & they brought the flowers. It was short and sweet.   A very special guest managed to make the event too – Elvis showed up in his Pink Cadillac. And just like a great wedding – a fight broke out because someone cut the line and the cops were brought in to restore order.  Velvet’s favorite part of the week was walking down the Strip and Fremont Street in their wedding attire having people stop the newlyweds asking to take a photo, making them feel like Rock Stars.  They wouldn’t change a thing, it was a perfect wedding.

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